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The Wall Street Journal Guide to Health Care “Reform”

WSJ’s Guide to ObamaCare. “A comprehensive collection of our editorials and op-eds.”  Good stuff.  Check it out.

Also, they’ve got a link to their articles about “Climate Change”.


ClimateGate: Summary Articles of Science Gone Awry

Regarding the ClimateGate scandal, this sums things up nicely.

NASA apparently has its own skeletons to hide when it comes to climate “science”.

Ruh roh:  The EPA used the same suspect “data” that came from CRU.

The Wall Street Journal addresses how the apparent fraud affects science.

Thoughts on the full and thorough lazy and disinterested coverage by the mainstream media.

If you want to look at more of the actual damning data, here’s a useful summary.

Newfound skepticism about Climate data: Australian lawmaker’s vote down cap-and-trade.

A Global Warming “believer” has been, if not shaken, at least stirred.

More sure to follow…

WH “no dispute” about climate change

According to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs (via The Hill): “I don’t think that’s [climate change] anything that is, quite frankly, among most people, in dispute anymore.”  I guess he admits that some people dispute the theory of anthropomorphic climate change.  In fact, many people are now doubting not only the “science” behind global warming, but also “science” itself.  As we pointed out in a previous post, that is a terrible shame and will have far-reaching consequences.  Christopher Booker, of the Telegraph, describes it as “the worst scientific scandal of our generation”.  Read the entire article for a better understanding of the history of Climategate.  Here you can read about how the University of East Anglia long ago trashed the “raw” temperature data on which they based their analysis — meaning that no one can double-check any of their work, nor see how they were “massaged” into the form they have been using for their models.

“Global Warming:” The Fix Was In. Until…

A hacker’s release of emails and documents from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at East Anglia University may be the “smoking gun” that undermines  the whole foundation of the Global Warming scheme.  Well worth the read for the cogent way he thinks through the issue,  Robert Tracinski has an analysis at Real Clear Politics.

The threat of massive taxes on all things carbon (i.e. our entire society) is frightening enough to anyone who can see beyond the emotional appeal to “save the polar bears.”  But perhaps the more frightening part of this scandal is what it does to the credibility of science itself as an objective, rational and disciplined search for the truth.  When you can’t believe in science to honestly reveal the truth in matters of the world, then truth itself takes a holiday.  And that is a recipe for exploitation by those in the highest stations of government as well as the master manipulators in the media.

Al Gore Photoshops the Earth to Show Evidence of “Global Warming”

Part 1.  If -the-Truth-Doesn’t-Fit-Your-Agenda:  just lie and fabricate imagery.  That is what Al Gore did when he Photoshoped his way into a dramatic cover for his latest book.

Part 2.  If -the-Truth-Doesn’t-Fit-Your-Agenda:  in other news  of climate-hysteria, a hacker got into the computers at Britain’s Hadley Climate Research Unit, University of East Anglia.  Look at what he found:  thousands of emails and other documents exposing the falsification of climate data and manipulation of computer models.  Whether you believe in global “climate change” or not, you probably believe in science.  Unfortunately, these people who are supposed to be scientists are hiding data that disproves their agenda, and fabricating other data. 

These scientists’ unethical and dishonest actions are undermining one of civilizations great accomplishments, which is the primacy of rationality and objectivity embodied in scientific method. With action like that, it becomes harder and harder to believe in science.

A Real Debate on Global Warming?

Marc Moreno at Climate Depot reports that the US Chamber of Commerce has formally proposed a public trial of the theory of man-made global warming, complete with witnesses, cross-examination, and a judge and jury.  Since the number of prominent skeptical scientists continues to grow due to more and more evidence undermining the theory of man-made global warming, the Chamber must feel pretty confident they can win it.  A real debate will threaten Cap-and-Trade. Continue reading