A Real Debate on Global Warming?

Marc Moreno at Climate Depot reports that the US Chamber of Commerce has formally proposed a public trial of the theory of man-made global warming, complete with witnesses, cross-examination, and a judge and jury.  Since the number of prominent skeptical scientists continues to grow due to more and more evidence undermining the theory of man-made global warming, the Chamber must feel pretty confident they can win it.  A real debate will threaten Cap-and-Trade.

Since the phony excuse for massive taxation called “Cap-and-Trade” will be up for debate in the Senate this fall, they have every reason to force the issue, since the rationale for cap-and-trade is a means to “stem the tide” on carbon emissions caused by burning petroleum-based fuels.  Economists predict that cap-and-trade will cost the US economy up to 25% (meaning that we will have 25% less Gross Domestic Product).  When our $27 million, million dollar debt ($27 trillion) is added to our $9.7 million, million dollar deficit ($9.7 trillion), cap-and-trade will essentially bankrupt the US, sending us into a deep Depression, and perhaps causing us, our children and our grandchildren to be debt slaves to China, Japan, and Saudia Arabia.  Needless to say, we would have Big Brother to thank for this travesty.

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