It’s Election Day!

If you haven’t taken advantage of early or absentee voting, then today’s the day!  Every vote counts so get out and do it!


Joseph Floyd Throwing Hat Back in the Superior Court Judge Ring

I guess they threw out some of the charges against him so Joseph Floyd has decided to reenter the race for Guilford County Superior Court Judge.

I myself think it’s a little late to be reentering the race given that early voting started a week and a half ago now and there is only one more week to go before the election.  Since he pulled out of the race so late in the game though, there wasn’t time to remove his name from the ballot so it’s been there all along for anyone who wanted to vote for him.  We’ll see how this works out for him, eh?

NC Board of Elections Meeting THIS AFTERNOON Regarding WSSU Illegal Electioneering Email

I’m sure everyone has heard about the illegal electioneering email sent out on the WSSU computers.  This afternoon, Friday, October 22nd, there will be a meeting of the NC Board of Elections to discuss this issue.  Apparently WSSU is slated to be a site for early voting.  Are they going to have posters for the Democrats next to the touch screens I wonder?

Anyway, if you can make it to Winston today, around lunch time, the meeting is at 1:00 pm at 201 N. Chestnut St.

You can read more (including the actual email itself) here at NC Tea Party.

2010 Elections Page Updates

I’ve made some updates to the 2010 elections page (and hope to be able to add some more soon).  The updates include some information about the soil and water conservation district candidates which is definitely lacking.  Yes! Weekly did little profiles of all of them and two of them responded to the UNC-TV questionnaire so links to those are on there to help you make up your mind.  It’s definitely a tricky one.  I am assuming that they are all using their real names this time around.  Additionally, I’ve added  a link to the Carolina Journal Online Voting Guide to the 13-candidate NC Court of Appeals race which opened up in August with the appointment of Jim Wynn to the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.  NC is going to be the first state to use an instant runoff in a general election so we’ll see how that goes.

Absentee ballots went out a week or so ago and early voting starts this Thursday so there’s no time like the present to get informed!

Just say No to the Sales Tax Increase

I guess there is a campaign being launched today telling people why they should vote for a new quarter of a percent increase in the Guilford County sales tax.  The argument is that voters have approved so many bonds that we must raise taxes to pay for them.  Of course not all of the approved bonds have even been issued yet so there’s certainly no need to pay for any of those.  Additionally, we’re supposed to believe the commissioners when they promise by paying more sales tax, we’ll get a lower increase in property taxes.  That’s not that easy to measure and property tax rates are set annually but this sales tax increase would never expire without another vote.

Why doesn’t the county try cutting to the bone before asking for more money from county residents?  Sure, there’s been no property tax increase in the past couple of years but I haven’t seen a lot of evidence of cutting from the county either (unless you count stiffing the city of Greensboro for the library).

Let’s see if they can work on spending within the money they currently have instead of demanding a “raise” from taxpayers.  And if the economy was good, I’d be saying the same thing.

Why are “Legal Guardians” Allowed to Help with Absentee Ballots??

This is a serious issue. It’s one thing to need help filling out your absentee ballot form because your hands don’t work well enough for you to write or your vision is so poor that you can’t see the form.

Yet it boggles the mind that an adult who the state feels is in need of a legal guardian is at the same time deemed qualified to vote. Aren’t there any standards?  (I found this out while getting the form to request my absentee ballot, btw.  Get yours if you need one!)  I would imagine your “legal guardian” could go with you to the polls too?

Eliminating the “Achievement Gap”

George Will’s got the answer in his column.  Last paragraph at the bottom:

“He [Paul E. Barton] has estimated that about 90 percent of the difference in schools’ proficiencies can be explained by five factors: the number of days students are absent from school, the number of hours students spend watching television, the number of pages read for homework, the quantity and quality of reading material in the students’ homes — and, much the most important, the presence of two parents in the home. Public policies can have little purchase on these five, and least of all on the fifth.”

Something that should be obvious to someone with the most basic observation skills but, in any case, sadly, GCS can implement all the policies it wants to try and close the achievement gap but the real way to do that begins at home. Or they could just push all of the high achievers out of the public school system and then the gap would close itself!