Al Gore Photoshops the Earth to Show Evidence of “Global Warming”

Part 1.  If -the-Truth-Doesn’t-Fit-Your-Agenda:  just lie and fabricate imagery.  That is what Al Gore did when he Photoshoped his way into a dramatic cover for his latest book.

Part 2.  If -the-Truth-Doesn’t-Fit-Your-Agenda:  in other news  of climate-hysteria, a hacker got into the computers at Britain’s Hadley Climate Research Unit, University of East Anglia.  Look at what he found:  thousands of emails and other documents exposing the falsification of climate data and manipulation of computer models.  Whether you believe in global “climate change” or not, you probably believe in science.  Unfortunately, these people who are supposed to be scientists are hiding data that disproves their agenda, and fabricating other data. 

These scientists’ unethical and dishonest actions are undermining one of civilizations great accomplishments, which is the primacy of rationality and objectivity embodied in scientific method. With action like that, it becomes harder and harder to believe in science.

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