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An Interview with the CEO of Health Insurance Giant Aetna

Billed as “What to Expect”.  Interesting, and not because he says that insurance premiums are bound to rise.   CEO Ron Williams was very tactful but many of his comments are very telling, for example: “it’s not too late. We’re committed to looking beyond where we are now and getting back to what we need to do to really achieve affordability.” (em. added)


Why and How Obamacare Must be Undone

An excellent, if somewhat lengthy, article from the Weekly Standard, explaining the devastation the recently passed health care “reform” legislation will cause to our economy, as well as some alternative solutions to actually stop the ticking time bomb of health care costs in this country.

Yet More Indoctrination of Our Schoolchildren

This time it’s an attempt to brainwash them about the health care “reform” legislation that was just rammed through Congress.

Saw the story on Gateway Pundit.  Here’s the deal, PBS has lesson plans associated with PBS NewsHour.  This one is the “National Discussion and Debate Series: Health Care“.  They claim it has “critical analysis” but I really didn’t see anything that fairly or accurately portrayed any of the criticisms of the “reform”.  What I did see* was a reference to Yes! Magazine as the source for health care information and statistics.  It says it”supports people’s active engagement in building a just and sustainable world” and that “we need deep change if we are to avoid the breakdown of society and the natural world.”  Not exactly a nonbiased source if you ask me.

Anyway, check it out for yourself and hope it’s not being taught in your child’s 9-12th grade social studies class.  Or if it is, help your child find some other, more appropriate, documents to bring to the debate.  Everyone should be enlightened about the true facts about the fantastic health care we (currently) have in this country and not be subjected only to one side’s view of things.

*Ugh, among many other things.  The more I look at it, the worse it gets.  Look  at it for yourself and then you decide.

55% of Voters Favor Repeal of Health Care Bill

From Rasumussen Reports.  They are going to continue tracking “support for the repeal effort on a weekly basis for as long as it remains a significant issue.”  Sometime to keep tabs on.  Make a note of this interesting finding from their analysis of the poll: “While 64% of Mainstream voters think the health care plan will be bad for the country, 90% of the Political Class see its passage as a good thing.”  Political class???

Congresspeople exempt selves from new health care purchasing requirements

After all the talk about how wonderful the new health care “reform” legislation is, it seems that the people who wrote it have exempted themselves and their staff members, as well as President Obama and his family, from having to purchase insurance on the new exchanges, just like the rest of us.  Hmm.  Interesting.

Especially when you consider this quote from Obama himself*: “Once this reform is implemented, health insurance exchanges will be created, a competitive marketplace where uninsured people and small businesses will finally be able to purchase affordable, quality insurance. They will be able to be part of a big pool and get the same good deal that members of Congress get.”  Really?  How will people be able to “get the same good deal that members of Congress get” when those members are exempted from the exchanges?

Senator Hagan, did you know that you were exempting yourself from this wonderful legislation you voted for?  I wish she were up for election this year again instead of Richard Burr who has been doing such a great job fighting for the people of North Carolina (and all Americans).

*Read the rest of the speech here, at RealClearPolitics.

Mel Watt and Brad Miller — Still in Favor of Health Care Reform Legislation?/Pelosi’s Future Plans

I think so, but their websites are only showing the front page — apparently the severs are being inundated right now….

Nevertheless, this is a great time to contact them ( has the contact info for Brad Miller and Mel Watt) and let them know that, whatever your views on health care reform, the method the House leadership is taking to push its passage is unconstitutional and un-American and that a vote for the “deem and pass” bill is exactly the same as a vote for the health care “reform” bill.

Nancy Pelosi said “Nobody wants to vote for the Senate bill.” But yet she still wants the legislation to go through.  But, then again, she also said “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” Oh, the fog of controversy!  Now I get it.  Is that why I am so uncomfortable with the proposed government regulation/takeover of 1/6th of the economy?  My head is foggy!

Please note that Speaker Pelosi also stated: “Kick open that door, and there will be other legislation to follow.  We’ll take the country in a new direction.” Well, now you know.  This is just the beginning.

An Explanation for the High Cost of Health Care

Here’s a great (if lengthy) article from the New Yorker explaining why health care costs are out of control in this country.

The author concludes (spoiler alert!) that doctors just aren’t working together enough and are overly focused on making money but I’m not sure that I agree entirely with that conclusion.

Time and time again, I’ve seen doctors over-prescribe — be it a prescription, an imaging (or other) test or surgery and very rarely have I felt that the doctor was not acting in my best interests (although, twice, now, I’ve had doctors recommend surgery who I think were only interested in the money — very evil if you ask me).  Most of the time, I think doctors prescribe medications and tests and surgeries because they think that is what the patient wants, even if it would not necessarily provide the best outcome.

All of us have a responsibility to ask questions and be as informed as possible when it comes to our own health — we can’t trust anyone else to make the decisions for us.