Just say No to the Sales Tax Increase

I guess there is a campaign being launched today telling people why they should vote for a new quarter of a percent increase in the Guilford County sales tax.  The argument is that voters have approved so many bonds that we must raise taxes to pay for them.  Of course not all of the approved bonds have even been issued yet so there’s certainly no need to pay for any of those.  Additionally, we’re supposed to believe the commissioners when they promise by paying more sales tax, we’ll get a lower increase in property taxes.  That’s not that easy to measure and property tax rates are set annually but this sales tax increase would never expire without another vote.

Why doesn’t the county try cutting to the bone before asking for more money from county residents?  Sure, there’s been no property tax increase in the past couple of years but I haven’t seen a lot of evidence of cutting from the county either (unless you count stiffing the city of Greensboro for the library).

Let’s see if they can work on spending within the money they currently have instead of demanding a “raise” from taxpayers.  And if the economy was good, I’d be saying the same thing.


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