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NC Board of Elections Meeting THIS AFTERNOON Regarding WSSU Illegal Electioneering Email

I’m sure everyone has heard about the illegal electioneering email sent out on the WSSU computers.  This afternoon, Friday, October 22nd, there will be a meeting of the NC Board of Elections to discuss this issue.  Apparently WSSU is slated to be a site for early voting.  Are they going to have posters for the Democrats next to the touch screens I wonder?

Anyway, if you can make it to Winston today, around lunch time, the meeting is at 1:00 pm at 201 N. Chestnut St.

You can read more (including the actual email itself) here at NC Tea Party.


2010 Elections Page Updates

I’ve made some updates to the 2010 elections page (and hope to be able to add some more soon).  The updates include some information about the soil and water conservation district candidates which is definitely lacking.  Yes! Weekly did little profiles of all of them and two of them responded to the UNC-TV questionnaire so links to those are on there to help you make up your mind.  It’s definitely a tricky one.  I am assuming that they are all using their real names this time around.  Additionally, I’ve added  a link to the Carolina Journal Online Voting Guide to the 13-candidate NC Court of Appeals race which opened up in August with the appointment of Jim Wynn to the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.  NC is going to be the first state to use an instant runoff in a general election so we’ll see how that goes.

Absentee ballots went out a week or so ago and early voting starts this Thursday so there’s no time like the present to get informed!

Triangle Toll Road Will Have No Toll Booths — But Don’t Worry, Big Brother Will Make You Pay

I guess this is supposed to be “convenient” but I find it horribly intrusive and offensive. The new TriEx out in RTP/Western Wake County will have no toll booths. Instead, it will have a transponder system, similar to and compatible with EZ-Pass, but also, for those who for whatever reason don’t want a transponder, cameras.  “Customers who choose not to use a transponder are detected at toll zones where a picture of their license plate is taken. These customers pay their tolls by establishing a pre-paid account or receiving a bill in the mail.”

So people from out of state get a free pass on the toll road then?  What if your car is stolen or a friend is borrowing it?  What about the general offensiveness of the government tracking where you are driving and then sending you a bill at your home address??  They signed the contract for this system yesterday.  Where was the outrage during the planning?  Will someone come forward now and protest?  NC has already talked about charging people a “tax” based on the miles driven per year — if they are willing to do this to collect tolls, I have no doubt they are a heartbeat away from the mileage tax.  Who cares what state you drove in when you put those miles on your car?  This is about the money, baby!

Read all about it here at the NC Turnpike Authority.

Creepy PA Tax “Amnesty” Campaign — Coming soon to NC?

This ad really, though, goes way beyond creepy. It’s tremendously threatening and offensive, 1984ish really, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar here, not after the way that NC has been treating Amazon lately*. Even the NY Times has picked up on the story.  What the state hasn’t told Amazon (or anyone else) is what it plans to do with the names, addresses and purchase information it is demanding.  Do they simply want Amazon to pony up the sales taxes they didn’t (and aren’t legally required to) collect?  Or is NC intending on sending a nastygram to every resident it thinks owes taxes?  My guess is the latter.

*If you are unfamiliar with Amazon’s lawsuit against NC, you can read more about it here and here.

2010 Elections Info Update

I have finally managed to get up all the information about the candidates for this year’s election.  Well, everyone’s name is up there now at least and as much information as I could reasonably find about them.  Please see the 2010 Elections page and do check back — I’ll continue to post updates as I see them and of course after the primary May 4.

NC Senate Minority Leader Pressures AG to Join Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of Health Care

The N&R has a little blurb about it.

Good.  NC should step up with those many other states and fight for justice for itself and its citizens.  The health care “reform” bill recently signed by Obama is not constitutional in so many ways, but many of those ways do touch on the states.

Visit our resources page to find the contact info for your local state rep and Bev Perdue.  Let them know what you think!

Surprising News About Pupil Funding

This month’s paper version of  Carolina Journal* has a fascinating editorial entitled “The Truth About Student Funding”.  It is has three examples of how much funding (from the state, federal and local levels) a sample “student” would be expected to be allocated. These facts should give any prudent taxpayer cause for concern.

The base amount taken from taxpayers and then “provided” by the state is $5,511 per elementary student  (probably on the low end of the average for private school, although that would not include transportation).  But what’s troubling is that there are other ways that local school districts can expect to get more money per pupil.   The following facts explain a lot about the behavior of school system administrators.

1) Any child with an “Individualized Education Program” (IEP) has $3,501 additional funding allocated from the state.  That’s a 64% increase in funding!  No wonder so many kids are being “diagnosed” with ADHD these days!

2) A child from a “low-income” family will bring in an additional $356 in state funds.  Not all that much, but the availability of additional funding sure gives schools an incentive to look the other way if anyone fudges the numbers on the reduced price lunch forms.  (“Low-income” children are also eligible for increased federal funding, but the article did not give details on the federal figures so I cannot comment on them at the moment.)

3) Children from “low-wealth” counties earn their school districts an additional $268 per student.  That certainly doesn’t given those counties any incentive to raise their property taxes to pay for education, does it?  What it does do is cause those counties that are not “low-wealth” to pay for educating their own children plus those from other counties.

I’m sure there is lots more to this story if you delve into the numbers deeper.  Just “follow the money, honey”!

*Unfortunately, it’s only available online or by mail, not as an insert in the paper Rhino.