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It’s Election Day!

If you haven’t taken advantage of early or absentee voting, then today’s the day!  Every vote counts so get out and do it!


Recession with Benefits and “Funemployment”

I had not heard the term “funemployment” before but it definitely describes how a lot of people are, er, making the most of their paid time off.  Because that’s really what it is when you get unemployment “insurance” for months on end.  Unemployment checks used to come from a special fund that businesses paid into (different firms pay different rates depending on how many people they lay off, among other things I’m sure).  Nowadays though, it’s coming direct from good ol’ Uncle Sam.  And for up to TWO years!  Think how much fun you can have in that time!!  Here’s an interesting post about funemployment, as reported in the LA Times (“unemployment is welcome”!!) as well as some thoughts on the NY Times referring to this as a “recession with benefits“.  Maybe the writers at the NY Times actually believe that having a friend “with benefits” is a good idea and usually works out well.  They would.

A Book Everyone Should Read

It’s called He Talk Like a White Boy by Joseph C. Phillips and I don’t think I can say enough good things about it.  In it, he discusses some of the ways in which the black community is setting it’s children up for failure.  Why would speaking like an educated person make him sound white?  Can’t black people be educated and smart?  Why are so many black parents more proud of their children’s achievements on the ball field than in the classroom?  Aren’t the odds of success in life better if you take the more academic route?  But these are questions that I, as a white woman, am prohibited from asking.

Here in Guilford County, we seem to spend an inordinate amount of time discussing race.  Does it really matter what color someone is?  Who cares what color the contractor is who builds our buildings if the work is done properly?  The school board has an entire committee devoted to studying the “Achievement Gap”.  Does anyone else think that implies that we think black children (boys especially) can’t achieve?  Why don’t we just start assuming that all children in school can achieve and stop looking for justifications for why they aren’t?

Anyway, read the book because Mr. Phillips expresses it in a way that I certainly can’t.  It’s laugh-out-loud funny but sad at the same time too and it should really get you thinking.

Look Out in November, the People are Poised to Speak

Thunder on the Mountain.  If you haven’t read this column from Jay Cost at Real Clear Politics, you really should.  Politicians: be ready!

Pro-“Choice” Author — No Need to Keep Abortions Rare

I was surprised someone would suggest that we possibly have too few abortions in this country, but apparently that is the belief of at least one columnist at RH Reality Check, a website that bills itself as having “Information and Analysis for Reproductive Health”.  Hmm.  Abortions are actually somewhat dangerous, as is any medical procedure and can lead to sterility, never mind the intended consequences.  In addition, if, as she states, it is already the case that between 20 and 40% of all pregnancies in this country end in abortion, wouldn’t any normal person think that was already plenty, thankyouverymuch?

While I think the government needs to stay out of my body, we need to have a culture that values all life, clearly not a belief that particular columnist shares with me. put out by a lover of ObamaCare

No surprise there.  Pajamas Media has the story. My thought from the beginning was that anyone who believes in the tea party principles of a return to the government envisioned by our Founding Fathers would not want to thwart people with whom they agree.  But it’s nice to know who’s behind it in any event.  And the guy’s a teacher.  Scary.

And a little commentary (with which I wholeheartedly agree) on the whole concept of crashing the tea party:

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Pine Straw “Mulch” Highly Flammable

Wow.  I never gave it any thought, but apparently pine straw is highly flammable and easily whipped up into a serious inferno.  Six homes were destroyed in a new subdivision in Raleigh earlier this week — all because of some kind of yard fire that spread rapidly through the freshly laid pine straw.  Scary.  The Raleigh News & Observer has the story.  Think about it when planning your landscaping.