“Global Warming:” The Fix Was In. Until…

A hacker’s release of emails and documents from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at East Anglia University may be the “smoking gun” that undermines  the whole foundation of the Global Warming scheme.  Well worth the read for the cogent way he thinks through the issue,  Robert Tracinski has an analysis at Real Clear Politics.

The threat of massive taxes on all things carbon (i.e. our entire society) is frightening enough to anyone who can see beyond the emotional appeal to “save the polar bears.”  But perhaps the more frightening part of this scandal is what it does to the credibility of science itself as an objective, rational and disciplined search for the truth.  When you can’t believe in science to honestly reveal the truth in matters of the world, then truth itself takes a holiday.  And that is a recipe for exploitation by those in the highest stations of government as well as the master manipulators in the media.

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