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New Greenway Tunnel Under Cone Vandalized

And this is news because?  The N&R has some blatantly editorial “reporting” in this article.  I hate graffiti as much as the next person but really, isn’t the point of a NEWSpaper to report the news, not comment on the quality of subjects being reported on?  Was it really necessary to describe the vandals as “imbeciles”?  Well, whatever.  In any case, they seem shocked, shocked that someone would graffiti up the new almost $2 MILLION tunnel under Cone.  I have no idea why they are shocked when the town is plenty full of graffiti.  What DOES surprise me is the idea that the graffiti was done by someone who holds a grudge against the project.  Sure.  But I’m also not sure I really believe how “widely popular” the project really is — especially once people find out the price tag.  Two million dollars for a tunnel indeed.


Recession with Benefits and “Funemployment”

I had not heard the term “funemployment” before but it definitely describes how a lot of people are, er, making the most of their paid time off.  Because that’s really what it is when you get unemployment “insurance” for months on end.  Unemployment checks used to come from a special fund that businesses paid into (different firms pay different rates depending on how many people they lay off, among other things I’m sure).  Nowadays though, it’s coming direct from good ol’ Uncle Sam.  And for up to TWO years!  Think how much fun you can have in that time!!  Here’s an interesting post about funemployment, as reported in the LA Times (“unemployment is welcome”!!) as well as some thoughts on the NY Times referring to this as a “recession with benefits“.  Maybe the writers at the NY Times actually believe that having a friend “with benefits” is a good idea and usually works out well.  They would.

Media Willing to Flat-out Lie to Make Tea Party Protesters Look Bad

I saw the story on Drudge “COFFIN PLACED ON CONGRESSMAN’S LAWN“.  It seemed a little weird but the story was that a coffin was left on Democrat Representative Russ Carnahan’s yard, apparently as a threat against his life.  That turns out to be completely untrue.  The coffin was on the lawn as part of a prayer vigil held around the time of the health care “reform” vote and was then immediately removed.  Read the real story behind the coffin.  And media outlets wonder why their market keeps drying up.

DOJ Illegally Demands ALL Information About Website Visitors

This is super-scary.

“[T]he U.S. Department of Justice sent a formal request to an independent news site ordering it to provide details of all reader visits on a certain day. The grand jury subpoena also required the Philadelphia-based Web site “not to disclose the existence of this request” unless authorized by the Justice Department”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation took the case pro bono and, when the website operator refused to just hand over the information, the DOJ just backed down.  Which implies that they were attempting to strong-arm someone into handing over information they had no legal right to.  Read the EFF’s whitepaper (long) or blog post (shorter) about the case.

Another ACORN Video!

Ok, I’ll admit, I think these are hysterical and they just make my day!  Too bad they had to take out the voice of the Philadelphia ACORN worker.  Here’s Part I. (Anxiously awaiting Part II….).  Additionally, Big Government has a fantastic blog post/article detailing the ways in which the MSM was complicit with ACORN in attempting to ignore/downplay these important videos.  They have been caught flat-out this time.  What other stories is the MSM hiding from us?  You’ve got to wonder when the N&R puts a story about how “fat and ugly” the men are in GSO on the front page of the website.  Isn’t there some real news going on in this town?  Rhino Times comes out tomorrow….

UAW “Concessions” in GM/Chrysler Bankruptcies Not as Portrayed in MSM

From NewsBusters.  There was some talk during the bankruptcies of GM and Chrysler that the unions were “doing their part” and making concessions that would allow the US manufacturers (with lots of taxpayer help) to get back on their feet and become profitable.  But, it turns out that that’s not really the case at all.   From a May 2009 “message to UAW workers at GM:” “For our active members, these tentative changes mean no loss in your base hourly pay, no reduction in your health care, and no reduction in pensions.  In addition, we were able to slow the import of vehicles coming from China and other foreign sources and put some of that work into two US plants originally scheduled to close. “(emphasis mine)  So, no lowered costs for US automakers, but fewer imported cars for Americans to buy that would compete on price.

More Schoolchildren Indoctrinated — Media Complicit

This time the kids are from a private school.  So much for Neal Boortz’s insistence that sending our kids to (almost always very expensive) private schools is the way to go.  From Real Clear Politics.  Apparently some kids from the Ron Clark Academy went on CNN and were singing about how terrible things are with health care today and how we have to support “reform”.  Ugh.  At least breakfast was a while ago.  Where are these kids parents?  I would have said “NO NO NO” to having my kids participate in something like this.