New Greenway Tunnel Under Cone Vandalized

And this is news because?  The N&R has some blatantly editorial “reporting” in this article.  I hate graffiti as much as the next person but really, isn’t the point of a NEWSpaper to report the news, not comment on the quality of subjects being reported on?  Was it really necessary to describe the vandals as “imbeciles”?  Well, whatever.  In any case, they seem shocked, shocked that someone would graffiti up the new almost $2 MILLION tunnel under Cone.  I have no idea why they are shocked when the town is plenty full of graffiti.  What DOES surprise me is the idea that the graffiti was done by someone who holds a grudge against the project.  Sure.  But I’m also not sure I really believe how “widely popular” the project really is — especially once people find out the price tag.  Two million dollars for a tunnel indeed.

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