Fraud with the 2010 Census

I can’t imagine that this is all there is.  (Ok, since I posted this, I’ve found some more about questionable goings-on with the 2010 Census.  Check it out.)  In fact, I’m sure there are plenty of other “senseless” trainers finishing up ahead of schedule and telling everyone to write down their time as if they had stayed all day.

Anyway, here’s the latest from James O’Keefe about the fraud he uncovered while working for the 2010 Census.  I agree with one of the commentators to this article that he should have stuck around longer to see what other kinds of shenanigans they pull with the headcount for those who have not mailed back their forms.  I remember getting hounded 10 years ago in my new apartment (which apparently had been vacant April 1st) by someone working for the census.  She came back several times even though I told her that I had already filled out the form in the location I was living at April 1st and was 1) not willing to fill it out again and 2) could not tell her who had been living in the apartment before me.  Incidentally, I don’t think Census workers are supposed to make up information about residents or take the word of a nonresident.  Any “adjustments” for “undercounting” are supposed to be done in a statistically responsible way.  If there is a such a thing.


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