Triangle Toll Road Will Have No Toll Booths — But Don’t Worry, Big Brother Will Make You Pay

I guess this is supposed to be “convenient” but I find it horribly intrusive and offensive. The new TriEx out in RTP/Western Wake County will have no toll booths. Instead, it will have a transponder system, similar to and compatible with EZ-Pass, but also, for those who for whatever reason don’t want a transponder, cameras.  “Customers who choose not to use a transponder are detected at toll zones where a picture of their license plate is taken. These customers pay their tolls by establishing a pre-paid account or receiving a bill in the mail.”

So people from out of state get a free pass on the toll road then?  What if your car is stolen or a friend is borrowing it?  What about the general offensiveness of the government tracking where you are driving and then sending you a bill at your home address??  They signed the contract for this system yesterday.  Where was the outrage during the planning?  Will someone come forward now and protest?  NC has already talked about charging people a “tax” based on the miles driven per year — if they are willing to do this to collect tolls, I have no doubt they are a heartbeat away from the mileage tax.  Who cares what state you drove in when you put those miles on your car?  This is about the money, baby!

Read all about it here at the NC Turnpike Authority.

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