Stupid Republican Infighting

Probably you’ve seen the article in the N&R discussing how Dr. James Taylor asked Cathy Brewer Hinson and Billy Yow to drop out of the primary race so as to not waste time and money trying to unseat Howard Coble in the primary.

What a waste of time and effort.  Coble has served this community and his constituents well over the years and Congress uses a longevity-based system to dole out committee seats and positions.  It is a benefit to have a long-standing congressman to represent you.  Having a newbie there means the district will be represented by someone with very little clout on Capitol Hill.  Like it or not, that’s the way it is.

Republicans should stop their stupid infighting and worry about unseating Mel Watt and Brad Miller instead.  Going up against Coble at all is the waste of resources, never mind having more than one Republican challenger.

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