put out by a lover of ObamaCare

No surprise there.  Pajamas Media has the story. My thought from the beginning was that anyone who believes in the tea party principles of a return to the government envisioned by our Founding Fathers would not want to thwart people with whom they agree.  But it’s nice to know who’s behind it in any event.  And the guy’s a teacher.  Scary.

And a little commentary (with which I wholeheartedly agree) on the whole concept of crashing the tea party:

These are vile tactics by any moral standard, championed by individuals and groups that care not for debate and dissent, but instead thrive on creating a climate of mistrust and fear. Perhaps this is the kind of world they desire to live in, providing they have the power in that world.One has to question the character of individuals involved in such an effort, and their trustworthiness in any endeavor. They create stereotypes and perpetuate them for media consumption in order to demonize and alienate their fellow Americans from one another. And to what end?

The website exists for one reason and one reason only: to stifle the voices of those with whom they disagree and to render mute a rising chorus of dissatisfaction with a government that is acting in ways that deeply distress a growing majority. It is a censorship plot. It is an attempt to stoke anger and distrust, and it is as insidious and distasteful to the hearts of free men as any book-burning or pogrom.

We can only hope that the exposure of this group to the broader American population will expose their dirty tricks before they discredit a movement seeking only a return to those values we hold most dear and in common with this nation’s founders. In other words, is the worst kind of gutter politics, promoted and practiced by those who provide only subversion where leadership is needed.


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