Unemployment Benefits to Last 1.9 YEARS?

UPDATE: I just came across this article detailing why unemployment remains so stubbornly high — most likely the increased unemployment (and food stamp and other) benefits that are currently being “provided” by “the government”, read: taxpayers.

That’s how long some people will qualify for unemployment “insurance” under the latest extension.  The Washington Post has an article.

Unemployment insurance is to help people until they find a new job.  It is not intended to allow you to maintain your previous standard of living, and it should not be paid out until you can find a job just as lucrative as your previous job.  Sometimes, especially in times like these, that job is no longer there and you are going to have to settle for something less than perfect.

They interviewed a man collecting unemployment who says he is having trouble paying all his bills, including the cable bill.  WHY does an unemployed person even have a cable bill?  Cable should be about the first thing to go.  I just CANNOT and do not feel sorry for these people.

Lest you think I am evil and cold and would think differently if this happened to me — it HAS happened to my family.  We have been there and, frankly, I know how easy it is to slack off in your job search while you are collecting unemployment.  The less effort you put into getting a new job, the less likely you are to get one and the longer you wait, the harder it will get.  While collecting unemployment insurance however, the stakes are lower and having that “safety new” gives a false sense of security that you don’t need to work as hard to find a new job because things are not so bad.  Plus, why cut back on cable and other unnecessaries when someone else is paying?

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