An Explanation for the High Cost of Health Care

Here’s a great (if lengthy) article from the New Yorker explaining why health care costs are out of control in this country.

The author concludes (spoiler alert!) that doctors just aren’t working together enough and are overly focused on making money but I’m not sure that I agree entirely with that conclusion.

Time and time again, I’ve seen doctors over-prescribe — be it a prescription, an imaging (or other) test or surgery and very rarely have I felt that the doctor was not acting in my best interests (although, twice, now, I’ve had doctors recommend surgery who I think were only interested in the money — very evil if you ask me).  Most of the time, I think doctors prescribe medications and tests and surgeries because they think that is what the patient wants, even if it would not necessarily provide the best outcome.

All of us have a responsibility to ask questions and be as informed as possible when it comes to our own health — we can’t trust anyone else to make the decisions for us.


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