Guilford County Schools “Parent Academy” Survey

Apparently Guilford County Schools thinks* that if only parents were smarter, then the test scores would improve.  Or something like that.  I guess the school system is looking for (maybe has already gotten?) a grant to open a “Parent Academy”.  I’m not entirely sure what it is all about and I’m not sure the school board knows what it’s all about either!

Here are the minutes from the meeting where they decide to go for the grant.  And here is a summary of what the Parent Academy/University is all about. You can read the entire 10-page Deployment Project if you are really interested.

Become informed, then tell GCS what you think by taking their survey.  You should also consider contacting your school board representative with your comments as well.  It IS an election year!  (Your school board district should be the same number as your county district.)

*Sorry, to Mr. Orson Scott Card, of Rhino Times fame, but “Guilford County Schools” IS, in fact, one entity and should be referred to as such.  “Guilford County schools” would refer to multiple schools.


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