Shocking Waste for 2010 Census “Promotion”

Michelle Malkin has the details (I would say all, but I’m sure there’s more).

In an attempt to promote the 2010 Census (required by the Constitution, delivered to our mailboxes and followed up with an actual person knocking on your door if you don’t reply soon enough), the Administration is spending at least $1.34 billion on staffing and “promotion” for the 2010 count.

A caravan will drive across the country on a promotional tour.  They are not going to be stopping  in Greensboro, but they are going to be going to the Super Bowl in Miami (wish I were there today instead of here!) and New Orleans for Mardi Gras.  Apparently they just left a stop in Las Vegas.  What is going on with this Administration???  What an obscene waste of taxpayer dollars.  (The fact that we are in a recession may make it slightly more obscene than usual, but in any economic times, it would be an obscenity.)

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