Heads Need to Roll at Greensboro City Hall

The N&R article the other day describing how the city council managed to approve new projects downtown with federal government-subsidized bonds left me feeling uncomfortable about the whole thing.  Yesterday’s Rhino Times article, which cleared things right up, left me downright angry.

If you haven’t been following the story, there has been much talk recently of doling out the federal “stimulus” money for assorted projects around town.  This money would come in the form of subsidies for bond issues.  It’s all very confusing*.  So confusing, in fact, that apparently the city staffers who were pushing the council to make a decision before the clock ran out on December 15th really didn’t know what they were asking the council to do.

What is really egregious though, is that, when repeatedly pressed, city staffers insisted that the council was only approving the option for those projects and would still have to vote on them 2 or 3 more times before everything was finalized.  Well, they were lying then or they are lying now because it turns out that approving that list of projects meant approving the projects themselves.  If you tell someone that you are SURE of something, and you are not, then you are a liar.  City staff must not be allowed to get away with lying to the council and having no repercussions.  Someone (or some people) needs to go.

*As all the disbursements from the “stimulus” funds seem to be.

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