Democrats’ Disrespect for Black People (among others)

Ok, I guess that’s not very politically correct, but, really, how many more times can Democrats get away with saying patently offensive things and still get a pass?  And when are more people going to figure out the meaning behind these offensive remarks?

Comments such as the ones made by Harry Reid while Obama was on the campaign trail reflect the low expectations that he has for blacks.  Why don’t more people see that?  If a conservative had made offensive remarks like these, Democrats would be calling for his head.  Remember that Republican Trent Lott had to resign  his position as Senate Majority leader because—in an attempt to make an old man feel good— he simply said to Strom Thurmond (on his 100th birthday), that it was too bad Thurmond had not been elected president in 1948.*

Yet Democrats are allowed to make these kind of remarks with impunity because….why?  They don’t really mean them?  But when you look at the policies that Democrats promote, it becomes quite clear that they do mean them and they do feel that blacks (and other minorities and, still, women) are inferior.

  • Look at the quota system that “liberals” are constantly promoting.  There is no need to lower the admission standards at universities to encourage more “diversity” unless you think that people “of color” are too stupid to be admitted under the same standards as everyone else.
  • There is no need to go on a push to promote and/or hire “diverse” candidates if you think everyone is equally qualified to do the work — the promotions and hirings will happen naturally.
  • If minorities have enough income, good credit and good payment histories, there is no need to have  programs in place to “encourage” minority home ownership.

And the list goes on and on and on.  WHEN are people going to wake up??

*Yes, it is abhorrent that Thurmond ran on the Dixiecrat ticket that opposed racial desegregation; still, the man was celebrating his 100th birthday, after serving in the Senate for 47 years!  He was practically senile, and Mr. Lott was trying to cheer him up — and later apologized that his remarks were inappropriate).


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