Can’t Get Through to Kay Hagan? Call the Media!

The Senate plans to vote on the health “reform” bill before Christmas, on Christmas Eve if necessary.  They have now managed to craft a bill with enough giveaways to purchase the 60 votes needed to prevent a filibuster.  It is absolutely outrageous and offensive.  And now, Kay Hagan won’t even take our calls or schedule visits.

Here’s a great idea that came in my inbox this afternoon: Call the media.  (Our local media outlets page has contact information for lots of them.)  Perhaps that will get Kay to understand that if she votes for the bill, she will be going directly against the wishes of her constituents.

As you already know, it has become virtually impossible to communicate with your elected representatives.  Senators are taking their phones off the hook, unplugging their fax machines and ignoring the thousands of emails pouring into their computers.  They simply aren’t interested in hearing from you.  Against overwhelming public pressure, and polls which continue to show that an increasingly large majority of Americans oppose what they are doing, the Senate appears poised to pass a healthcare bill which none of them have even read.  And yet even as public outrage and anger grow, the media is remiss in its coverage, pretending that we don’t exist.    So now it’s time to change strategies.

While we want you to continue to call your Senators, any time you can’t get through, we encourage you to call your local radio and television stations and newspapers to express your outrage at your continuing inability to reach your elected representatives. When we melt the switchboards of the media outlets, it becomes far more likely that they will begin reporting on your outrage.  If thousands of people in each area are calling their media outlets, they will struggle to handle the flow of calls.  While Senators may ignore us, the media outlets are businesses that cannot afford to stop answering our calls.

Don’t give up…the battle is not over.


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