Positive Economic Impact from a Fancy New Aquatic Center?

The N&R has an article out that asks “Would swim center be a boon for city?” but then doesn’t provide any figures to help answer that question.  They drop in a few numbers from the numerous other swim centers around the state (how many large swim meets can there really BE??) but there are absolutely no figures related to Greensboro, not even any mention of an easily manipulated “economic impact study”.

Of course, the truth is that the economic impact DOESN’T EVEN MATTER; Greensboro residents have TWICE voted no to a “natatorium”.  The new center was only approved when it was hidden inside a parks and recreation bond, the wording of which made it look like it would be multiple local swimming pools.  The fairest thing that the new city council could do is to scrap the project entirely* since we the voters have said multiple times that we don’t want it.

To the people who want to force their neighbors to pay for this: Get another bond on the ballot and see if you can get it to pass legitimately or find some private sponsors.

* Not put another bond on the ballot for $6-7 million as some are suggesting.


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