More Illegal Government Taking

This poor guy, Jeremy Engelking, was arrested for “trespassing” on his own property when he had a bit of a discussion with oil pipeline workers who themselves were trespassing, then called the police to back them up.  Outrageous.  Apparently, the oil company wanted to expand pipelines on an easement they had previously purchased through the family’s land.  They said no, but the oil company proceeded to go through anyway, even getting a judge to side with them claiming that “the company’s plans for the pipeline were appropriate and efforts had been made to pay the Engelkings.”  Yes, the oil company sent them checks which they refused to cash, knowing if they did so, that would be agreeing to whatever terms the oil co. set out — terms which they do not agree with.  It is outrageous and shameful for that judge to steal their property rights in that way and this kind of activity must be stopped.  The DuluthNewsTribune has the story.

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