Update on the GSO “Aquatic Center”

I suppose it is good that the new city council is going to look more closely at the cost/funding of the overpriced “natatorium” that the city is currently planning on building.  (See the N&R and The Rhino for details.)  But what they need to remember is that Greensboro already voted NO when the competitive swim/aquatic center/natatorium came up for its own bond issue.  It was only “approved” when bundled up with a parks & rec bond.  Clearly, the most sensible thing to do at this point is to scrap the entire project since it is grossly over budget and we don’t want it.  The folks in this town who are so hot to have a fancy-pants swim center should raise the funds for it themselves and stop demanding that their neighbors pay for it.  Incidentally, there is something in economics called the “sunk cost fallacy”.  That means that the $1.28 million that the city so stupidly spent on having this boondoggle designed is irrelevant to any discussion as to whether the project should continue moving forward or not.

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