8,000 More Enrolled in Medicaid than Projected

According to the N&R, Bev Perdue is saying that there is not nearly enough money allocated in the budget to pay for Medicaid.  Way more people enrolled than were expected.  What does this tell us about projections for the number of people who would sign up for the various programs under the health care “reform” bill being passed?  Should we believe those numbers?  Also, what everyone MUST realize is that the federal bill would push many of the costs onto the states — so our budget would look far worse than it currently does.  Can NC afford health care “reform”?  The N&R ran an editorial Sunday, implying that the reform packages being proposed would save NC money but that is just not true.   The increase in Medicaid eligibility would  lead to large increases in federally mandated (but not federally reimbursed) costs for the states. Even though the “reform” proposals increase the federal government’s “contribution” to Medicaid costs, they would not increase that contribution up to 100% and so the states will be on the hook for the difference.


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