What Part of “No Natatorium” Do Our So-Called Representatives Not Understand?

Greensboro citizens voted down the Swim Center Bond.  Since our “representatives” on the city council  couldn’t get they pet project passed on the up-and-up, they snuck the swim center in with the list of items on the Parks & Recreation bond.  They knew that most people don’t actually read the text of a bond, and so it would probably pass easily.  And they were right.

The problem of course, is that the entire Parks & Rec Bond is barely big enough to pay for the “natatorium” that the citizens of Greensboro don’t even want.  So now the council members are using 2/3s bonds* to borrow MORE money than was approved for the whole parks bond to pay for their pet project.  AND, to show what disdain they have for the citizens as well as the incoming council, they have planned a special meeting to vote on this while several of them are on their way out the doorHere is the agenda for the special meeting.  The Rhino Times is reporting that some of the new councilmembers are discussing repealing any new funding that is approved in the few minutes prior to their being sworn in.  I hope so.  This is absolutely disgusting and speaks volumes about the integrity of those councilmembers willing to participate in such a scheme.  What a legacy those outgoing councilmembers are leaving for themselves, eh?

*That is what it looks like from the meeting agenda, although The Rhino says City Manager Young says otherwise.  Seems like they haven’t even determined how exactly, they are going to snooker all of us into paying for this.

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