Burlington Company Wants Bribe from Guilford Co.

From the N&R. LabCorp, a company headquartered in Burlington, is requesting $373,000 in incentives from Guilford County.  Apparently this is “in exchange for 373 new jobs and a $3 million investment.”

If you allow bullies to call the shots in your life, you get abused over and over again.  This seems to be a similar situation.  Can you say “Chicago-style politics?”  A shakedown by a corporation?  Is this the sort of corporate citizen we want in our community?

According to the N&R, “If commissioners approve offering incentives, the company could still look elsewhere to locate.”  I’m sure the plan is to shop around whatever incentives we offer, with the hopes of getting a better deal.  In May, LabCorp opened a giant new facility in Kannapolis “one of the largest operations of its type in the world” and already has plans to double it.   But maybe for the right price they would grow in Greensboro instead?  Doubtful.

I could not find anything about the Greensboro location on their website, but did find two job openings for phlebotomists.  Both entry level, one part-time, neither requiring more than a high school diploma.  Is this the kind of job we will  pay money from the public treasury to secure?  Or are they trying to play Guilford off of Kannapolis?

Why do we use taxpayer dollars to keep paying companies to relocate/expand here?  If we had lower taxes and better services, this area could be a great draw in its own right, without having to bribe businesses to move here.  Then we could stop this ridiculous competition between municipalities to get businesses to relocate.  It is stupid and has become quite a vicious cycle.


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