Internet Threatened by Secret Gov’t Censorship Treaty

OK.  This is serious.  This is not a hoax.  Although details have yet to fully emerge, the bottom line is that the Obama Administration is in secret negotiations for an International Treaty that would regulate the Internet, and essentially give the government an excuse to shut down the web at their whim.  This would fundamentally disrupt the new engine of government accountability.

Well, the news of these secret negotiations leaked out, and BoingBoing has the details.  Mind you, a treaty must be passed by 2/3’s of the Senate to become law, but it then supersedes our Constitution (as our Constitution allows).  Would our government overlords do this?  Really?  Hard to say, but the way they don’t seem to be listening to the people now suggest they might…and then it is incumbent heaven because there will no longer be a vehicle for dissent except at the local level, and challengers will have a very difficult time getting their message out, especially if they aren’t appealing to the left-stream media complex.

Keep your eyes peeled, and your ear to the ground for news of this getting to the Senate!

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