Update on Southeast Area Elementary School

See my previous post for the controversy surrounding the site selection.  In addition to the site being in a completely different location than that promised to voters during the last bond issue, it now turns out that GCS did not do its due diligence before making an offer on the site and is at risk of losing $10,000 of taxpayer money by not purchasing the land.*

Apparently, the land doesn’t perk, at least not enough to install a school-sized septic system.  That means that GCS would be required to hook up to the county sewer system, at a cost of between $200,000 and $2 million (that seems like a big range….).

So GCS has made two grave errors with this property (that we know of so far). 1) They selected land in a completely different area than they used to sell the bond to voters.

2) They did not do proper due diligence before making an offer on the land, potentially costing taxpayers $10,000.

Question: Did the school board have to approve the purchase offer before it was submitted to the landowner?

The N&R has a little more on the story.

*Please note that the seller would have been stupid to allow the land to go under contract without some earnest money and certainly is entitled to it if GCS walks away from the deal.

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