Greensboro Library Displaying Political Bias?

The library website has a Voter Information Page with some links on it.  I am not sure why except that perhaps some libraries are polling places?  In any event, up top, under “Local and State Election Information,” they have three links, one of which is to the League of Women Voters of the Piedmont Triad.  LWV is hardly the nonpartisan organization they claim to be (having “Action Alert–Support Strong Health Care Reform Legislation” on their website gives them away). 

When I first saw this, about two weeks ago, I sent an email to the library (via the “Contact Us” button) saying that I thought this was a problem and they should take it off.  No response*, but I see it is still online.  It is outrageous that the City is promoting the League of Women Voters as nonpartisan when it is clearly not and they need to remove that link as soon as possible.  Maybe a few more emails would help them along?

*Although they claim you will receive a response within 2 hours during the business day.

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