UAW “Concessions” in GM/Chrysler Bankruptcies Not as Portrayed in MSM

From NewsBusters.  There was some talk during the bankruptcies of GM and Chrysler that the unions were “doing their part” and making concessions that would allow the US manufacturers (with lots of taxpayer help) to get back on their feet and become profitable.  But, it turns out that that’s not really the case at all.   From a May 2009 “message to UAW workers at GM:” “For our active members, these tentative changes mean no loss in your base hourly pay, no reduction in your health care, and no reduction in pensions.  In addition, we were able to slow the import of vehicles coming from China and other foreign sources and put some of that work into two US plants originally scheduled to close. “(emphasis mine)  So, no lowered costs for US automakers, but fewer imported cars for Americans to buy that would compete on price.


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