First Motor Voter, Now Motor…Health Care?

First, motor voting, now, if the health care “reform” bill passes, you’ll be able to get health insurance at the DMV?!  There is just so much wrong with that, but it’s in the “plain English” version of the bill posted online by the Senate Finance Committee.  Townhall has more.

How is it possible for someone to purchase health insurance at the DMV or “any other offices designated by the state”??  If you are getting it through your employer, it seems downright stupid for you to sign up for health insurance through the government.  And there are so many other options currently that it would be impossible to sign up for it on a simple form.  Unless, of course, there is only one option.  Which does seem to be where this is headed.

If the government is selling you health insurance (or even just allowing you to sign up in their offices), then that means that the government knows what, if any, type of insurance you signed up for and what medical conditions you have or have had.  Don’t the people writing this legislation realize how absolutely terrifying this is??

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