Seasonal Flu Shot May Increase Swine Flu Risk

So much for getting both vaccines at the same time then, eh?  The data is still preliminary, but if there is any chance that the normal flu vaccine is going to increase one’s chances of getting the H1N1 flu then why the rush to get everyone double vaccinated?  Shouldn’t we wait for more information?  CBC News has the story.  Interestingly enough, the LA Times is reporting that most parents are opting to not vaccinate their children.  They claim that parents “are confused about the risks of the virus and its vaccine.”  I disagree.  I think parents are concerned about the risks of a vaccine that is being pushed out rapidly with little or no testing by a government that is downplaying or ignoring their fears.

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  1. “1976 Swine Flu Deja Vu”

    This is the link to a 60 minutes interview with Mike Wallace back in ’79 looking back 3 years later on the damage caused by Swine Flu Vaccines including a $3.5 Billion lawsuit against the US Government by 4,000 citizens who suffered adverse effects from the vaccine.


    Swine Flu 1976 & PropagandaUploaded by Dianequiose-4. – More video blogs and vloggers.


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