N&R Contradicts Itself on ACORN story

In Sunday’s Editor’s Log, John Robinson wrote a lengthy justification for ignoring, then burying the ACORN prostitution video story.  He claims (among other things) that, because it wasn’t a local story, there was no need to put in anywhere near the front page of the newspaper.*  Sunday, John Robinson wrote: “We don’t have reporters in Washington, but ACORN’s Web site lists offices in Raleigh, Charlotte and Durham.”  Today, the N&R is reporting: “[T]he staffers laid off by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now have kept working as unpaid volunteers. The nonprofit has offices in Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham and Greensboro”  (em added).  So, is it a “local” story or not?

*But they do admit that ACORN was involved in get-out-the-vote efforts in Greensboro prior to the last election and the State Board of Elections is “apparently” investigating their efforts here in NC.  “Apparently”?  Can’t they find this stuff out?  Is it secret?  In any case, voter fraud in NC would count as a “local” story in my book.

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