Action Greensboro to set priorities for Downtown

From the N&R.

“We want to clearly define one vision and one action plan for downtown,” said April Harris, executive director for Action Greensboro, which will fund the planning process. “I think there is a lack of one now …. That is where we need to start.”

Apparently the Greensboro City Council and Guilford County Board of Commissioners adopted resolutions in support of the “Downtown  Consolidated Plan.”  Why on earth is Action Greensboro doing this plan? 

Everyone knows (or should) that the person who holds the purse strings is in charge.  So, if Action Greensboro is paying for the plan, it’s going to be something that Action Greensboro wants.  Who the heck is Action Greensboro anyway??  (Their website is of no help here.)  I didn’t elect any of them — who are they responsible to?  Any of us?  This stinks and our City and County leaders should have none of it.  If we need a “consolidated plan,” it should be planned out in the open by our elected officials or in some other clearly defined way — not created in some shady back alley.


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