UPDATE: GCS Planning to air Obama’s Speech

I guess the N&R has a special insight into GCS press releases (that they don’t bother putting up on their website in the “media briefings” area or GCS News Briefs).  In any event, it seems that Guilford County Schools children are indeed going to be subjected to the Obama speech Tuesday when they get back from the Labor Day holiday. 

Apparently Mo Green made the decision that all schools are to air the speech, unlike some school superintendents around the country who are leaving that decision up to principals (and in some cases individual teachers).  “I think this is just going to be a tremendous opportunity,” Green said.  Oh?  A tremendous opportunity for what?  I wish the N&R had included a little more from him in their reporting.

But, what I really wish is that Mo Green had stood up like a man and made the announcement of his decision on the GCS website where we all could see it, DURING THE WORKWEEK, and not sneak something into Saturday’s paper with no more school days before the event.*

If you missed the link above, you can read the N&R story on it here.

*I see a timestamp on the N&R story of 3pm Sept. 4, but I SWEAR I checked & checked both the GCS website & the N&R over & over yesterday, even in the afternoon, and saw NOTHING.  In any event, my complaint still stands: 3pm on the Friday before the speech is to be aired is too late for parents who were waiting for a statement from the school to make their voices heard.


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