Response to Obama’s Indoctrination Plans

Ok, folks, let’s be a bit proactive here. In addition to keeping our children out of school if they are going to air the Obama indoctrination speech, we should be working to ensure that no children are exposed to this.

So here are some suggestions:If you have a child in school, call the principal and ask if Obama’s speech will be shown to the children.  If so, express your displeasure with airing a speech of somewhat unknown content by a person who has written in published works that he is an avowed Communist.  Point out that dictators usually try and use the children, both to indoctrinate them and to have them “rat” on parents who have “inappropriate” views (see: Cuba).  If the justification for airing said speech is that it will be “about service” or “doing well in school”, ask to see the lesson plans for before & after the speech.  The Dept of Education has helpfully provided (a scary) one.  Find out if they are using that one or something else.  Be sure and ask if they are planning on airing the “I Pledge” propaganda video.  If so, ask if someone from the school has watched it and if it is deemed acceptable to say “I pledge allegiance to Barack Obama” (or pick one of the many other offensive things they pledge to do in the video).  Inquire as to whether they start the school day with the Pledge of Allegiance.  If not, ask why not.

If you do not have a child in school, as a member of society, it is STILL in your interest that the children are not indoctrinated.  We are paying the bills for the local school system and have a right, nay, a duty, to be involved in what is being taught.  Use the same ideas as above, except direct them to Superintendent Mo Greene (370-8992) or your local school board representative.

For those parents who are forced to take your child out of school for the day or afternoon, how about getting together with some other like-minded folks and having a picnic in a local park?  Nothing fancy, just a way to have a fun time while the other poor kids are being indoctrinated, as well as a way to make it even more fun for your kids to skip school!

Here is a link to the books about Obama that they may read in advance (and some ‘highlights” of the content).  But probably the kids already read these last year either leading up to the election or for the inauguration.  It may be a good opportunity to help our children learn about “embellished” nonfiction works.  Like Little House on the Prairie.

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