Handling Obama’s Speech to Your Child

First,  the situation is not a national emergency.  There is no need for him to be simulcast in real time.   Therefore, his speech should be video-taped, to be used later as it fits into a curriculum of the teacher’s design.  That design should be able to be defended as academically sound.Second, if the Superintendent says that “Yes, it will be broadcast in real time,” then I want to know what educational value this supports above and beyond a press release by the President, or a video-taped speech.

Third, a transcript of the speech should be available ahead of time.  If it is not, what is the President trying to hide?

Fourth, rather than swallowing the White House-supplied discussion points whole hog, there need to be alternative discussion points vetted by the public.

Fifth, if the speech goes on as planned, and you are uncomfortable with it, then I’d suggest that you either find another activity for your child that day, take your child out only during the speech, or, sit in your child’s classroom before and after the speech to observe and document how your teacher handles it.

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