Important! Obama’s Plan to Indoctrinate Our Children

Next Tuesday, September 8, at 12:00 noon, Barack Obama is going to address schoolchildren all across America.  No word on exactly what he is going to say, but there is a helpful “PreK-6 Menu of Activities” available for you to peruse in advance.  This wonderful document was put forward by the Department of Education’s Teaching Ambassador Fellowship Program.  So, now we have an organization that is part of the executive branch telling our children that “it [is] important that we listen to the President and other elected officials”.  Yikes!  I want my children to listen to their parents.  Communist countries love to use the children to further their own means and even turn them against their parents (and “rat” on them as necessary).  For the moment, the “flag” email address has been disabled.  Will it be replaced with a call to our children to report “fishy” dinner table discussions?  All Americans should keep their children home on September 8th (or at least during the Obama speech).

If anyone is interested, here is the link to the Guilford County Schools directory page.  Why don’t you contact your child’s school and ask if they are planning on airing this?


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