Kay Hagan’s Radio Town Hall Podcast

She has a lot of nerve.  Listen to it! It really makes me angry — she claims that she is listening to her constituents, but she doesn’t respond to constituent comments.  She defends “the plan” but then turns around and says that there isn’t one yet, so she can’t really comment on it.  What a waffle!  I like waffles from Waffle House, not my Senator! Click “continue reading” to get to the link & how to access the Kay Hagan part of the podcast.

Go to http://wbt.com/listen/podcasts.cfm
You will see Keith Larson. Click to the right of the name “Listen now”.
This will bring up a player where you can select which show you want to listen too.
Click the show Keith Larson Podcast 8/28/09 10 am.

Kay Hagan came on around 10:30 am so when it starts playing unless you  want to listen to other parts of the show move the slider to the right to 16:00 on the left numbers.

Just came across some information about what Kay’s been saying around the state: Information from Kay Hagan’s Meeting with Physicians. Apparently, even though she won’t hold town halls in NC, she held one in DC.  But I think I recall a brouhaha about a fundraising event she had with a bunch of atheists up north before the election — who is she really representing??

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