Ease of Faking Residency for GCS School Placement

Apparently all you need is Gas, oil, water or electric bill with the parent’s/legal guardian’s name with address in your school zoneor “Driver’s license (or State ID card) and letter from employer verifying address” to prove residency for school placement. While we were still trying to sell our house in another state, I was paying the utility bills.  And until I had the mailing address changed, they had my out of state address on there too.  (And, please note that I get utility bills here as well.)  So is it wise to use a utility bill as a proof of residency?  Having a letter from an employer verifying the address seems almost so easy to fake as to not be worth discussing.

Although, apparently, at least some of the kids who were deemed ineligible to play sports at Northern High (read: attend the school at all) really went all out to prove their eligibility.*

*The pertinent info is placed about the middle of the article.

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