If Tax Cuts are “Rolled Back” …

*If the Government gives you a “tax cut,”  doesn’t that mean they are just not taking away as much of your money?  And, if those tax “Cuts” are “rolled back,”  then isn’t that just a sneaky way of saying that they are going to raise your taxes?

What will be the impact if the Bush Tax Cuts are allowed to expire?

By the Numbers:  The Impact of Tax Cut “Rollbacks”

$1,716:   The average tax increase for over 100 million Americans.

$2,034:  The average tax increase for each of 17 million seniors

$3,637:  The tax hike, on average, that 26 million small business owners will be facing

Obtained from the Heritage Foundation.

* BTW: When you go earn some money through your own sweat, talent and toil, who are you making money for? Yourself? Or are you making money for the Government, where politicians make political decisions about where to spend your money? Is it OK that politicians and political appointees continue to make the same salary and benefits—or get raises and bonuses—when many people in the private sector are taking pay cuts or are laid off?


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