“[W]e would like to apologise if Mr. Wattson felt dissatisfied with [his] care”

Those words, from the deputy general manager for general surgery (whew!) at Great Western Hospital in Great Britain, after they removed the appendix from a man who supposedly had the same appendix surgically removed the month before.

“Excuse me?” you say?  If they had already removed his appendix, how did it rupture and almost kill him a month later?  And, since it is clear they did not remove it previously, what were they doing in there when they operated on him? With a nationalized system of health care, it’s not certain where poor Mr. Wattson (who was fired from his job for lying about having his appendix taken out twice) can turn for help.  You can read this sad story here.  More of what we would suffer under ObamaCare.  It must be stopped!

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