Obama to rally “grassroots” to push his health care plan

Breitbart has the story here.  Whatever happened to being a president for “all of us” or whatever it was he said when he was elected?  I recall hearing something to the effect of “even if you didn’t vote for me, I will represent you”.  Is that just in my imagination?  If this health care overhaul is so great and so necessary, then why is Obama reigniting his campaign apparatus in order to try and get it pushed through?The N&R has had several stories recently that show just how wonderful the health care is in this country already.  This one about the girl in the “invisible bubble” is one that is freshest in my mind.  Would a nationalized health care system pay whatever it must cost to keep someone alive with this condition?  You really have to wonder.

And without divulging anything truly personal, members of my family have benefited several times in the past few years from treatments that I am quite sure would not be covered were the government calling the shots.

Don’t be fooled, even with a “public option” off the table, the health care bills still contain language calling for an “independent” government-funded agency to decide which procedures and treatments are cost-effective; i.e. how your doctor can and cannot treat you.  This will inevitably lead to rationing, and rationing is just another soft form of “decision panels.”  When government makes decisions about people, it inevitably gets politicized.


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