Secret Service Sees Citizens as Hostile?

President Obama went to Bristol, VA to campaign (sic) for health care reform.  A witness to the motorcade said that Secret Service SUV’s had their windows down and their guns drawn and pointed at the protesters.
Read about it here.

Is this our new America that Obama promised where we move beyond the politics of old?  Where citizens exercising their First Amendment rights to peaceably assemble, speak freely and petition the government for grievances are treated as hostile threats to a sitting President?

I was at Grandover Resort once when President Bush (43) came; he was vilified as a war-monger, burned in effigy, and people said the most rude and despicable things about him.  Yet the Secret Service NEVER acted this way.

Is this an intimidation tactic of the “Chicago machine” that groomed Obama’s political methods?  I wouldn’t be surprised…with Nancy Pelosi calling protesters unAmerican and inferring they are Nazis, and other Dems (well, the Obama Dems) and the left-wing-media propaganda machine calling spirited voices of protest “angry mobs?” Whatever happened to “Dissent is Patriotic?” Oh, yeah. That is the hypocrisy of the left.

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