I Wish There was a Whole Foods in Greensboro

Too bad the closest one is in Winston-Salem.  Apparently, the CEO published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that was critical of ObamaCare.  Now a bunch of liberals have sworn to boycott Whole Foods forever.  According to one shopper: “I will no longer be shopping at Whole Foods.  I think a CEO should take care that if he speaks about politics, that his beliefs reflect at least the majority of his clients.” 

How ridiculous.  How can that woman purport to know how the majority of Whole Foods shoppers feel about health care?  Has anyone taken a survey of them?  I wish there was a Whole Foods closer so I could head in and show my support.

Interestingly enough, if you read the details of the Whole Foods employee health care plan, provided in the op-ed, they are very very generous to their employees.  Perhaps some of the boycotters find this to be an unfortunate example of the private sector being able to take care of things.  Additionally, some of the CEO’s suggestions are pretty progressive.  He has come up with a way to effect changes to the distribution of health care in this country in ways that the liberals claim they want.

But, to some people, anyone who criticizes ObamaCare is “evil” and any corporation that won’t join in lockstep with Big Pharma in promoting it needs to be boycotted.


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