Healthcare Debate?

I find it very sad that those who are in favor of a single-payer plan are resorting to outright lies in order to reach that end.  I suppose for some people, the end justifies the means.  I wish instead that we could have a calm, reasonable debate about what needs to be done to improve health care in this country.

The fact is that health care in America is very, very good. I feel like what is being pushed here is a plan for universal health insurance, not health care.  Everyone is already entitled to emergency care, regardless of ability to pay. That, in fact, is one of the things driving up the cost of health care for those of us in this country who can pay — the overuse of hospital emergency rooms as general doctor’s offices.

Already, Medicare and Medicaid do not pay providers enough to cover their costs, which are then borne by everyone else, the insured, “underinsured,” and the uninsured alike.

I made the mistake of turning on the Brad & Britt show yesterday morning when moving my car.  It couldn’t have been on for more than a minute and it managed to make me angry anyway.  They are so off-base in their attack on those of us who are opposed to the government-takeover plan that is being proposed by Congress!

It’s NOT that we don’t want people to have health care, quite the contrary.  Those of us who are terrified of a “single-payer system” understand that is what leads to government rationing of health care.  When health care is “free” the quality of the care available plummets dramatically.  You can see it all over the world if you are willing to look.

I’m both disgusted and frustrated that those who are in favor of ramming this bill through Congress will not even take a small amount of time to defend this plan they are pushing so hard.  But perhaps that is because it is indefensible?

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