Locke Foundation: NC’s Green Energy Mandates to Cost 3,600 Jobs

In 2007, the legislature passed SB 3 in a spate of zeal for the concept of fighting alleged global warming*.  It sets up mandates for renewable energy sources, which NC’s utilities must meet.

Meeting those mandates will incur huge costs on the utilities, which will simply pass them on to customers.  This will reduce real income, investment, and jobs.  And  fewer jobs means less tax revenue to municipalities and the state.

Read the JLF report here.

So for a measly 3% gain in energy sourced from solar, water, wind, or tides by 2021, the state suffers greatly.

* If global warming exists—and there are many prominent scientific skeptics whose research findings and analysis show a difference on the extent, reason, and “variability” of climate change—growing seasons should last longer, which will likely increase agriculture yield here in NC.  This would lead to increased job growth and then higher tax revenue.  But I’m not sure the brainiacs in Raleigh get this idea.

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