Oak Ridge Elementary Lawsuits?

I generally very much enjoy reading the Rhino Times but was really dismayed when reading the rumors this week to see this remark: “[S]o far no suits have been filed over Oak Ridge Elementary School, which is surprising.” Please, John Hammer, don’t encourage more lawsuits!! All the rest of us taxpayers will have to pay the price! Governments don’t have any money — all the money the government “has” comes from the taxpayers.

That being said, it seems to me that there has been, most likely, a tremendous amount of incompetence when it comes to dealing with the problems at Oak Ridge Elementary School.* Perhaps, malfeasance even, although I think incompetence is most likely. It appears, from everything that I’ve read on the issue, that GCS has been trying to correct the mold/water/HVAC problems ever since they occurred — even before the school reopened after renovation.  Adding a lawsuit would only distract from the issue and make it that much more difficult to correct the problems.

If anyone should be sued,  it should be the contractors who worked on the renovation. The fact that the “warranty” period is over seems irrelevant if there was negligence on the part of the firms who did the construction.

To the extent GCS’ failure to remedy the problems at Oak Ridge is due to incompetence, the voters of Guilford County need to look very carefully at who we elect to the school board in future.

*Here is this week’s Rhino installment of the saga.

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